Project Description

Donnybrook Dublin – Suburban Garden

Driveway designs are notoriously difficult to perfect. The over-riding practicality of a space can sometimes lead to a very refined and tame design allowing the cars to become the star of the show.

With Carragh and Murphy Sheanon on board, this concern will never arise.

Carefully considered design has created a grand entrance to a fantastically located suburban home.

Making use of existing, mature trees and hedging it was going to be easy for the right idea to settle into its surroundings. With a design being produced by Murphy Sheanon and Carragh providing the construction, this driveway was always going to be more than just a space to park cars.

A large pillared entrance make way to a crisp Granite threshold guiding you to the front door through a perfectly manicured garden of box hedging and Hydrangeas. Overlooking Carpinus give a sense of maturity to the space that makes it appear as if this property, has always looked this good. So good, that the cars, while easily catered for fade into the back ground and allow this ‘driveway’ to provide all the peace and tranquillity, from city life, that a garden should.

Carragh proving, that practicality can be stunning too”