Project Description


Practicality, functionality, aesthetics.

Three words that for most designers can be hard to marry, but not for Carragh and Murphy Sheanon.

A stunning property in Glasthule required a landscape that, while aesthetically pleasing enough to leave an impression on any visitors mind, was practical enough to deal with the demands of the clients day to day life.
With this in mind, Murphy Sheanon went to work putting the theory in place and it was up to Carragh to carry out the installation.

The success in the end product is easy to see. A generous parking bay area bordered by lush planters guides you towards bespoke cut granite steps and invites you into the house.
Beautifully planted, box lined beds and clear stem Carpinus specimens encourage you around the corner to continue into a garden where you will discover a beautifully laid patio overlooking a perfect lawn space. Parterre style planting divide the two areas while gravel pathways lead you to a wilder side of the garden to find a hand built fire pit or a hidden patio. Respect for existing elements such as trees, allow this installation to fit seamlessly into place with the house.

Once again, Carragh were able to transfer a design from the paper onto the ground, effortlessly. It is work like this, that prove they can transform any potential clients thoughts, into a reality.

Perfectly practical, aesthetically beautiful