Project Description


Suburban living and modern day demands are no reason to settle for anything less than perfection.

People often allow smaller spaces to lead to smaller ideas but with Carragh and Murphy Sheanon this will never be the case.

While gardens are a very important, but very different, part of family life for both adults and children, both can be brought together in the consideration of a design. This thought process coupled with Carragh’s expertise in construction allowed for the creation of such a landscape.

What had been a dull, over grown garden that had little use has been transformed into a perfectly composed family space. Opening up onto a stunning Silver Portuguese Granite Patio, light now floods the lower levels of the house and makes it feel as if the garden is a part of the kitchen.
Grand steps lead to a generous lawn space, fit for any children to play on. A stepping stone trail meanders to the back of the garden encouraged along by pretty Saxifrage and Box balls. This path, leads you to a sunken trampoline and a festoon lit patio allowing the clients to make use of the space in the summer sun right the way through the day and even after it sets.

In a small space, the use of hard materials can sometimes make them feel cold, but with the direction and installation of a Murphy Sheanon planting plan, the garden is alive with colour and full of enough evergreens to keep the space vivid and inviting all year round.

A garden, for all ages”